Getting you back into the game of life

Physical Therapy


Team 3 Physical Therapy offers skilled Physical Therapy services specializing in the preservation, enhancement, or restoration of movement and physical function. We utilize therapeutic exercise and physical modalities, manual techniques along with patient education and assistive devices to promote functional independence.

Recovery Programs


At Team 3 Physical Therapy, we provide help to aid in our patient’s recovery. Whether they have suffered an injury or recovering from surgery, we empower patients to return to the rigor of daily life with full independence.

Insurances accepted



I had my first treatment with Dr. Hannah due to left hip pain. She was extremely nice and very knowledgeable, she provided me with stretches and exercises. The 1:1 sessions with Dr. Hannah were amazing. I love the consistency of Team 3 Physical Therapy! I look forward to my next treatment! 

- Artist McQueen

Dr. Hannah has been doing a great job getting me marathon ready! 

- Jacqueline Johnson

Dr. Hannah was extremely professional. She helped me get back on my feet after lumbar procedure. I loved how she took her time to explain everything in layman's terms.

 - Leslie Richards